In recent years, it has been found that a two step biological process corrodes sewer collection system infrastructures, including concrete sewers, STP inlet works, pump stations, wet wells and manholes. This is known as sulphide corrosion, and is increasingly deteriorating today's public works infrastructure.

Sulphide corrosion has detrimental effects on the collection system infrastructure ranging from more frequent odor complaints or potentially lethal atmospheres, to failure of collection system pipes and manholes.

Millions of dollars are being spent worldwide on the repair and maintenance of sewer networks and waste-water treatment plants. Approximately 40% of the damage in concrete sewers can be attributed to the biogenous sulphuric acid attack, which causes severe structural deterioration and ultimate structural collapse.

Protect your manholes from sulphide corrosion

There are many cases in which sewer pipes designed to last 50 to 100 years have failed due to hydrogen sulphide corrosion in 10 to 20 years. In extreme cases, concrete pipes have started to corrode in as little as 18 months, & collapse in as few as 3 years. Such problems are rarely brought to the attention of the public until a catastrophic failure occurs.


One of the solutions to stop corrosion is by spraying PROTECTA-Mag (Magnesium Hydroxide coating) on the surface of concrete sewers. PROTECTA-Mag prevents corrosion by raising surface pH, thus neutralising acids and inhibiting the formation of acid-producing bacteria. Monitoring results indicate that PROTECTA-Mag coating continues to protect the integrity of the concrete walls of the manhole, in spite of continuous sewer flow, for up to seven years.

Sewer Manhole Protection | Australian Made

With this in mind, Laser Plumbing Tamworth has partnered with Calix, to provide world class, industry leading, product & application processes to help protect Council's sewer infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of alternate methods.

Calix is a multi-award-winning Australian technology company that is developing new processes and materials to solve global challenges. Calix's technology has also been adopted overseas, where they are working with some of the world's largest companies, governments and research institutions, to improve wastewater treatment and help protect sewer assets from corrosion.

The sewer manhole protection process developed by Calix & implemented by Laser Plumbing Tamworth is the safest in the industry.

  • All work is carried out above ground, without the need to access the manhole.
  • The manhole is able to be coated "live" without the need to shut down the sewer line during application.
  • The overspray of PROTECTA-Mag entering the sewer flow is complementary and beneficial for any downstream Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and odour control.
  • Every manhole has a written & photo report completed during the inspection & application process, giving the client instant feedback on infrastructure integrity.

See the following videos of a sewer manhole being prepared & protected with PROTECTA-Mag.

4-5 times cheaper than other methods

2m Deep Manhole - Before cleaning

2m Deep Manhole - After cleaning

2m Deep Manhole - Application Complete

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