Murphy's law says "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" and in our experience this is particularly true when it comes to things going awry at the worst possible time.

Think about how your business would be affected if you suddenly couldn't use your taps or toilet? What about the effect on your bottom line if you received a huge water bill? Or if you had a close up for a couple of days due to the safety hazard caused by leaking water? It would likely have a major impact!

Emergency situations happen, it's a fact of life, but if you have a good plumbing preventative maintenance plan in place, many of the minor issues that have the tendency to get worse quickly can be resolved early on.

Why should you have a preventative maintenance schedule in place?

  • Fix small problems before they have the chance to get worse.
  • Save money by avoiding the big repair or replacement bills.
  • Avoid the chances of WH&S issues cropping up and costing you in either staff injuries or being sued for a customer injury.
  • Spread the cost of work throughout the year rather than all in one lump sum.
  • Better for the environment and your hip pocket if you aren't wasting water - we can even do a water efficiency audit to make sure you're being as efficient as possible.

What does a preventative maintenance plan entail?

  • Discussion with Laser Plumbing Tamworth the kind of business and premises you're in.
  • We'll put together a program that will systematically look over every aspect of your business' plumbing throughout the year - nothing is missed.
  • Experience tells us things we need to keep a closer eye on and those that really only need to be checked over every 6 months - so we plan accordingly.
  • We'll organise a schedule that works for you and your cashflow.
  • We visit you according to the plan and complete repairs and maintenance.
  • If we notice that something is likely to need a major repair or replacement in the following months, we let you know so you can plan accordingly.

In a nutshell, preventative maintenance allows your business to run smoothly without the stress of worrying about plumbing emergencies costing you time and money. With a little forward planning Laser Plumbing Tamworth will work with you to create a cash flow friendly program perfectly suited to your unique business needs.

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