Need a cost-effective, non-intrusive, precise and safer alternative to excavation? Let Laser Plumbing Tamworth help. We specialise in hydro excavation, servicing Tamworth and surrounding regions including Armidale, Gunnedah and Narrabri.

There are hundreds of thousands of kilometres of underground pipes and cables which carry our essential services to households and businesses around the country. Accidents and disruptions from excavators or home owners unwittingly digging up underground assets can have significant impact with service interruptions, costly delays to projects, large damage bills, injury and even death.

A safe alternative to mechanical excavation is hydro excavation.

Hydro excavation uses high pressure water and industrial strength vacuum to pothole and identify services and to eliminate any costly damage, breakages and accidents involved in any type of mechanical excavation. Hydro excavation equipment is used to safely dig in sensitive areas where traditional excavation machinery could cause major damage.

Instead of manual or mechanical digging methods, hydro excavation uses water to break up soil, which virtually eliminates any risk of underground utility damage. The hydro excavation process results in safe, fast, precise excavations that require less backfill, labor, restoration and has less environmental impact than traditional excavation techniques.

Whether you are trenching across optic fibre or digging a pole hole near water or gas pipelines, hydro excavation is the safe and obvious choice.

Our hydro excavation equipment is also a fast, safe and efficient method of:

  • Cleaning out stormwater pits. Rather than risk injury entering and working within pits, utilise our hydro excavation equipment to remove the debris from site.
  • Sludge removal & cleaning up spills.
  • Slot trenching - digging narrow trenches for installing pipes, cables or other in-ground utilities is called slot trenching. Unlike traditional slot trenchers, which can cause serious and costly damage, hydro excavation provides a non-destructive and efficient slot trenching method. Hydro excavation makes it easy and safe to install sprinkler systems, locate underground utilities and perform similar installations without the risk of damaging previously installed systems or lines.
  • Piling hole excavation - with hydro excavation's precision, it is ideal for piling hole excavation. Underground utilities that may be uncovered during hydro excavation are not harmed in contrast to the high risk of damage that exists with using manual digging methods.

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