Need hot water? At Laser Plumbing Tamworth, we provide 'Totally Dependable' installation and servicing of hot water systems for clients across Tamworth and surrounding regions including Armidale, Gunnedah and Narrabri. We offer a wide range of the latest hot water systems including solar powered, gas and Electric Hot Water Systems. Laser Plumbing has the solution for all your hot water requirements!

Laser Plumbing Tamworth provides the following hot water systems:

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Electric Hot Water Systems

In storage hot water units, water is heated in an insulated tank by either an electric element, like a giant kettle, or by a gas flame, similar to gas stove top.

Electric hot water units that are less than 160 litres generally use the continuous electrical tariff to heat the water. They are ideal for households where smaller amounts of hot water are used throughout the day rather than a large amount being required at one time. Systems greater than 160 litres capacity generally use off-peak electricity. With an off peak system, water is heated overnight to provide adequate water for the following day, reducing your total electricity charges over that of a peak system. 

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems use the sun's energy to heat water.

They are generally the cheapest system to run. Solar systems come with a gas or electric boost to supply adequate hot water during periods of low sunshine. Solar collectors are located on the roof of the home and connection to a storage tank at ground level. Solar hot water systems are an environmentally friendly alternative to gas and electric systems and government rebates are offered in many states in an effort to encourage their use.  

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Gas Continuous Flow Systems

Continuous flow or instantaneous hot water units as they are sometimes referred, heat water as required, so they never run out.

They are a sensible method of water heating, since you only pay to heat the water you use. These are much smaller in size than storage systems plus they can be installed externally or internally with a flue. They are rated by the volume of hot water they can produce per minute, which is usually 16 to 26 litres. The more hot water you use the higher the capacity unit you will require. Continuous flow systems are often popular for units or homes with limited space.

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