Are you living in a sewered area and looking for ways to recycle water?  Laser Plumbing Tamworth can help! 

Laser Plumbing Tamworth provides supply, installation and maintenance of grey water re-use systems for domestic and commercial requirements, serving clients Tamworth and surrounding regions including Armidale, Gunnedah and Narrabri. Grey water recycling is the recycling of used household water from showers, baths, hand basins and laundry. By using proven and reliable technology grey water recycling produces water quality suitable for irrigation.

Aerated Water Treatment System

Aerated water treatment systems (AWTS) have superseded septic tanks in many parts of rural Australia, because they are much more efficient in reducing the organic load of domestic effluent.

The conventional AWTS treats black water (water containing human excrement from a toilet) and/or grey water (wastewater from a hand basin, bath, shower, kitchen, laundry) using aeration to produce treated effluent.

The conventional AWTS incorporates 1-2 plastic or concrete tanks, each with a capacity of about 2500 L. The process involves primary sedimentation, anaerobic and aerobic treatment, secondary sedimentation and clarification and disinfection using chlorine or ultraviolet irradiation. The treated effluent is discharged into the environment via surface irrigation, absorption trench or mound.

The maximum AWTS design capacity is for effluent produced by 10 persons on domestic premises, equivalent to a maximum load of 150 litre per person.

Laser Plumbing Tamworth provides supply, installation and maintenance of the Ozzi Kleen AWTS, one of the most advanced systems on the market. Ozzi Kleen acts as a digestive system using a unique cyclic fully aerobic sewage treatment process. This means there is no septic process, so no septic smells. The Ozzi Kleen system is environment friendly, producing nutrient rich water to reuse on gardens and is cost-efficient to run (only half the running cost of other aerobic sewerage systems).

The heavy-duty polyethylene Ozzi Kleen sewerage plant tank is up to 20mm thick and is, weight for weight, 100 times stronger than concrete. The material has a 500 year half life. As the Ozzi Kleen sewerage plant tank is roto-moulded and completely seamless, there is no risk of seepage, leaking or root intrusion. Also, the Ozzi Kleen sewerage system tank is not affected by the acidity of sewage. Polyethylene materials are often used to store hazardous chemicals.

The mechanical components in the Ozzi Kleen sewerage system tank are all designed and constructed to ensure years of trouble-free service and are backed with a full manufacturer’s warranty. The Ozzi Kleen sewage treatment plant tank has a 15 year warranty.

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