At Laser Plumbing Tamworth, we understand what businesses need. We provide 'Totally Dependable' commercial plumbing services across Tamworth and surrounding regions including Armidale, Gunnedah and Narrabri. We offer the highest level of responsiveness and reliability, including on-line job management and reporting.

Our commercial plumbing services include:

  • Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Emergency Service, Fault finding and Repairs
  • Installations and Project Management
  • Plumbing Design Water, Sanitary and Drainage
  • Back Flow Prevention
  • Gas Fitting
  • Drain Clearing

Our highly experienced plumbers ensure that your premises are always maintained and compliant. This means your team can operate at maximum efficiency and safety.

Using our unique Laser systems, we ensure that your facility management is headache free. We coordinate technicians, manage scheduled servicing and ensure all administration is handled promptly and professionally. Whether it's new installations, designing a solution, or programmed facilities maintenance, contact Laser Plumbing Tamworth for 'Totally Dependable' plumbing service.

We can take care of your commercial plumbing requirements, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Restaurants, Cafes and Shopping Centres

Laser Plumbing Tamworth provides a wide range of commercial plumbing services to restaurants, cafes and shopping centres across Tamworth and surrounding regions including Armidale, Gunnedah and Narrabri. We are your 'Totally Dependable' plumbers and are well-equipped to provide commercial plumbing services at every level.

We provide the following services to restaurants, cafes and shopping centres:

  • Preventative maintenance programme.
  • Repair or replace burst pipes.
  • Clear blocked sewer & stormwater drains.
  • CCTV inspections & reports on drain lines.
  • Stormwater pit & grated drain cleaning.
  • Application of sewer degreasing agent to effectively reduce grease build-up in sewer pipes and help keep sewers to free flowing conditions.
  • Toilet amenities service requirements including repairs and new installations.
  • Repair leaking taps, toilets and cisterns.
  • Gas fitting including appliance installation, commissioning & servicing.
  • Commercial kitchen renovations & new installations.
  • Install and advise on flow restricted tap ware and water efficient fixtures.
  • Supply, install and repair electric, gas & solar hot water heaters.
  • Boiling water unit installations, servicing and repairs.
  • Solar hot water installation providing energy reductions.
  • Appliance installation including water dispensers or room heaters.
  • Backflow prevention installation, commissioning & annual testing.
  • Thermostatic mixing valve installation, commissioning & annual testing.
  • Fire hose reel and fire hydrant installation, commissioning & annual testing.
  • Grease trap installation and maintenance programs.
  • Roof & gutter repairs.
  • Rainwater harvesting installation & maintenance.
  • Customer portal that allows customers to log in and view their specific information, request quotes and jobs, view and pay invoices.

Our priority is to ensure that your project runs on time and on budget with the high quality workmanship you expect. We deliver peace of mind, price security, quality and safety with the high level of service you have been searching for.

If you own a commercial establishment and would like the services of a 'Totally Dependable' plumber, please contact Laser Plumbing Tamworth today.