Council gives financial assistance for waterwise products

Through its Residential Water Saver Rebate Scheme, Council is offering financial assistance to residents who install waterwise products in and around their home.

This forms part of a program to make Tamworth ‘The Waterwise Region’.

Australia is the driest continent on earth and Tamworth can be a very dry place, so Council is proactive in assisting its residents to optimise their water consumption.

The rebate scheme will continue until 28 February 2020.

Products you can get financial assistance for

Council will pay up to 50% of the purchase/installation cost or a maximum of the following amounts on these products:

Products Price
3-star showerhead $20
3-star dual flush toilet $150
Swimming pool cover $100
2-5 kilolitre rainwater tank $250
5 kilolitre or above rainwater tank $500

Some important things you should know before you apply

In order to receive the rebate:

  • your home must be connected to town water
  • you need to have purchased your products after 28 February 2007

There are also some important things to know if you apply for the rebate for a dual flush toilet, greywater re-use system or rainwater tank:

  • a licensed plumber must install dual flush toilets, greywater re-use systems, and rainwater tanks, then sign your rebate application
  • if you are installing a dual flush toilet, it must include both a new cistern and bowl. Older toilet bowls are not compatible with new water-saving cisterns – not enough water is released to flush solid waste down the older, wider outlet. You will end up using more water to flush the waste. You need a new bowl with a narrow outlet
  • rainwater tanks must be new and must be connected to the laundry and/or toilet
  • if you are building or have just moved into a new home, this may change what you can claim. Under the BASIX regulations, new homes must have various water-saving devices included when built. This also includes any renovations or additions in excess of $50,000. But if there is something you want to claim that was not required by BASIX, Council may pay the rebate. In your application you need to include an Occupation Certificate that shows exactly what was required under BASIX requirements

Products need to have a waterwise rating

To be eligible for the Council rebate, the products you install must be certified as being water-saving.

Important information when installing a rainwater tank

Typically, tanks less than 10,000L may be installed without council approval. Please refer to our Exempt Development Section by clicking here or view the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 to ensure that your tank does not need Council approval before carrying out any works.

Tanks that do not meet all relevant development controls shall be required to lodge a Development Application for assessment. For information relating to the lodgement of a Development Application please refer to our Planning & Development section.

When does it all end

The rebate scheme will continue until 28 February 2020.

Apply for your water saving rebate

To apply for the Residential Water Saving Rebate, complete a Water Rebate Application Form.

You need to attach copies of receipts for the products - but please keep the originals for your own records.

For some products, you will need a plumber to sign your application form in the Plumber’s Declaration section.

To get the rebate on some products, it is a requirement that a plumber installs them. It is very useful if you give your plumber the Plumber’s Advice sheet to make sure they fulfill the requirements of the scheme.

When your rebate has been processed, you will receive a letter with a rebate cheque attached, or a letter explaining why you have not been successful.