There are different places we can all save water. We can save it in and around our homes, our schools, businesses and commercial enterprises.

We've compiled a list of different things you can be doing in these different areas.

The Home

Here are some tips to save water in different areas of your home:

How to save 50 litres a day at home

Have a look at our quick reference guide on  how to save 50 litres a day of water in your home.

The Garden

About 35% of all household water used in the Tamworth region goes on the garden.

So there is a big potential to save and optimise in this area:


Adopting water efficient practices in your business or commercial enterprise can save you money as well as water:

Watch the video and learn

We have included some  video tutorials on simple tasks you can do around your home to optimise water use.

These video tutorials include installing a water flow controller changing a tap washer replacing a showerhead checking your water meter.

Council saving water

Council has carried out full water audits of about fifteen of its major buildings and has already begun making these properties more water efficient.

These improvements to water optimisation include:

  • new cooling tower, dual flush toilets and waterless urinals in Ray Walsh House
  • suite of waterless urinals and dual flush toilets in Bicentennial Park
  • harvesting rainwater from sheds at Lockheed Street Depot for toilet flushing and vehicle washdown

Projects for the near future include:

  • complete water audit of all Council properties in the region, including towns and villages
  • improvement to areas of identified water optimisation
  • development of staff education and awareness programs